Contrato predoctoral de dos años en el CED

El Centro de Estudios Demográficos de la UAB ofrece un contrato predoctoral de dos años. Es una buena oportunidad si tienes interés en hacer tu tesis sobre temas demográficos, y en uno de los más prestigiosos centros de investigación europeos. Reproduzco a continuación su convocatoria y los detalles

Call for a two-year predoctoral contract at the Center for Demographic Studies (CED_CERCA). Ref. SD201-03-2022

Deadline for applications: October 7th, 2022

Come to write a Ph.D. dissertation in one of the leading centers of demographic research in Europe. You will be part of the project titled “Interconnected inequalities through the life course in Spain.” (INTERINEQ), funded by «la Caixa» Foundation and led by CED researcher Andres Castro. Contract extension for a third year is possible.

Requirements: A master’s degree in any discipline, interest in social inequalities in Spain, proficiency in English (written and spoken), and quantitative analysis skills. Knowledge of R-base and fluency in Spanish are desirable.

Please send a single PDF with a two-page curriculum vitae, a one-page motivation letter, and the contact information of max. two academic references. Include the word INTERINEQ in the email subject to Deadline: 07/10/2022.

Interviews will be scheduled from 10/10/2022 to 14/10/2022; decisions will be communicated to candidates by 21/10/2022. Contact Andres Castro ( for any inquiries.

Project summary

Principal Investigator profile:

INTERINEQ aims to understand how different dimensions of inequality, such as gender, education, and migration status, influence partnership dynamics, childbearing trajectories, and the intergenerational transmission of disadvantages among people residing in Spain at varying stages of life, from early to late adulthood.

Data and methods: INTERINEQ will use nationally representative surveys, censuses, and birth records of the Spanish population to build data-driven configurations of inequality based on individuals’ characteristics. The project will examine how these configurations relate to typical family formation trajectories to better understand the connection between interconnected inequalities and the family life course.

Expected results: INTERINEQ will uncover existing configurations of inequality in the Spanish population. These configurations will show that broader social inequality emerges from the confluence of several forms of discrimination (e.g., gender), exclusion (e.g., poverty), intergenerational transmission of disadvantages, and lack of opportunities (e.g., unemployment).

Social relevance: A configurational approach to social inequalities will serve two purposes. First, it will provide evidence-based recommendations to improve social support policies from a holistic perspective. Second, it will move the general discourse away from overly simplistic interpretations of inequality that often blame minorities and vulnerable groups.

Contact information: Andres Castro

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Un comentario en “Contrato predoctoral de dos años en el CED”

  1. La continuidad del proyecto es una noticia a celebrar.
    Bienvenida la nueva web y, sobre todo, la amplia información que contiene sobre el envejecimiento como proceso social y las personas mayores como sujetos del mismo.
    Enhorabuena por el gran trabajo realizado y muchas gracias.

    Me gusta

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